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We design an optimized web page with a dashboard ready to start.

Now  the  can  to grow in all aspects online is in your hands.

We create Functional Pages

Megatron HQ

One of the aspects  The most important when creating Web Pages is the functionality of each section and each button, so we make sure that everything is connected and that the user experience is pleasant.

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Compare the advantages of the different packages we offer...

Optimized design

Cascading page.

Business Information / Autonomous.

Contact by direct online form.

Budget forms to email.

Geolocation  with Map.

SEO positioning.


Social Media Feed.

Photo Hosting  or videos.

Static Website

Payment gateway


Online store



Search System..  

Analysis Dashboard  CRM



Options for promotions.

Contact / basic contact form and location.  

Online Catalogue.





User interface


Security certificate

Server configuration

code compression

Review of loading times

Compression and optimization of web images

Creation of responsive environment

Management  and sale of services or  products

advanced search systems  


UX/UI study with users

code  specific

Contact our Megatron HQ team. 

Together we organize ideas and goals by analyzing your business and product ideas. 

You visualize your success strategy in a personal meeting with our team

We implement the changes together  


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